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Idigadog began in 1996 when two gorgeous Alaskan Malamutes entered our lives.  Aspen and Dakota were to be the driving force behind what we are and have achieved today.

As soon as the litter mates were old enough to train in harness, we took our first steps towards life as we know it and never looked back.

Andrew, Aspen and Dakota achieved what most Alaskan Malamute teams only dream of.  Undefeated in their class for over 5 years, their reputation and success was and still is renowned Australia wide.  They were the only Mallie team to have won the prestigious Altitude 5000 Sled Dog Race and they earned themselves the title of Australia's fastest Alaskan Malamutes.  Both Aspen and Dakota were titled with WTD (Working Team Dog).

Phoenix joined the clan in 1999 and earned her own reputation for being a spunky, hard-working sled dog.  Lisa and Phoenix finished with a 2nd place in their very first race.  With many 1st place Alaskan Malamute awards, she continued the winning streak for the Idigadog team.  Phoenix was also a WTD title holder.

2004 was to be our hardest year with us losing Aspen.  She left a major hole in our hearts and life and we seriously considered retiring from racing.  By chance, we were offered two darling Siberian boys for us to run for the season and well, the timing was perfect.  We fell in love with Spike and Rex and had such a great year with them that we decided to make them permanent members of Idigadog and hence our love for the racing line Siberians began!

Christmas 2005 saw Cooper join our family.  A big, stunning looking boy who certainly catches the eye.  He has an awesome attitude in harness as well as in the backyard.  Cooper is definately one outstanding dog who has since produced some wonderful offspring and now grandchildren for our kennel and others.

January 2006 saw us travel to the U.S. to be race judges for the Eagle Cap Sled Dog Race in Joseph, Oregon.  This was a fantastic experience for both of us and we made some life-long friends.  As far as we know, Andrew is the only Australian to be a Race Judge in the U.S. 

The end of an era happened at Idigadog when we said a sad farewell to Phoenix in October 2010.  The last of our Malamutes and the matriarch of our kennel.  The place sure isn't the same without her and we miss her 'woo's' every day.

Since those early days of racing Siberians,  Jonty, Rookie, Sully, Ollie, Oscar, Drifter, Roary, Carbon, Ruff and Scout have also joined the Idigadog team and these young dogs represent the future of our kennel and racing team.  Completely full of themselves but with truly loving natures and great temperaments, they are a pleasure to have as part of our family.

2013 was a big year for us with not only Andrew breaking his collarbone training the dogs but also our first import joined us from Canada.  NorthWapiti's Storm Trooper made the huge journey in November and after a month in quarantine he was finally able to come to his new home at Idigadog.  A big thank you to our friend Karen Ramstead for allowing Trooper to become an Aussie and for entrusting us with him for the rest of his life.  A new chapter has begun!

Andrew has been the President on and off for the Canberra Sled Dog Club for many years as well as President of the Australian Sleddog Sports Association.

Lisa is also on the committee for the Canberra Sled Dog Club.

2006 saw our two legged addition to our family.  Caleb Morgan Gersbach was born on the 22nd May and he lives and breathes dogs.  He considers them to be his 'brothers' and is totally in his element racing them in the PeeWee races.

We are members of the following organisations:

Canberra Sled Dog Club                                                              

Australian Sleddog Sports Association

International Siberian Husky Club

Dogs NSW

Siberian Husky Club of NSW



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