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To date, males from Idigadog Kennels have played a part in five litters of registered Siberian Huskies.  Only one of those litters is under the Idigadog prefix and the other four are registered under the owners of the dams - TseekaSpirit, Snofall, Arcticstarr and Alpison.

We have no breeding bitches in our kennel.


Litters in 2012

Idigadog Coopers Sully ByTeela x Cardhara Alpine

Idigadog and Alpison Kennels are excited to announce the arrival of a litter between Sully and Alpine.


Five bitches and three dogs were born on the 22nd January and are a combination of Anadyr and Lokiboden lines. 


Both Sully and Alpine are proven race leaders and producers of pups that are hard workers in harness so we have high expectations for this group of puppies.


Litters in 2010

Sibenah I Digdogs Cooper x Birindi Monika Lewinski

Idigadog and Snofall Siberians are excited to announce the arrival of our litter between Cooper and Marli.


Two males and two females were born on the 21st August.


We canít wait to see these pups mature and with the outstanding results both parents have achieved in harness, as well as the result of Cooper's other progeny, these pups already have success hardwired into their souls.


Idigadog Coopers Sully ByTeela x Arcticstarr Taxi Sadam

Idigadog and Arcticstarr Siberians are excited to announce the arrival of our litter between Sully and Taxi.


Two males and one female were born on the 24th November.


Once again, we have combined the Anadyr and Igloo Pak lines to produce some outstanding puppies.  Both parents are proven stars in harness and we are very much looking forward to this next generation joining our team in the future.


Litters in 2008

Sibenah I Digdogs Cooper x Arcticmoon Teela

Puppies have arrived!  We are thrilled to announce that three gorgeous boys were born on 21st March (Good Friday).  This is the first and only litter to be registered under the Idigadog prefix.  We are extremely lucky to have been given the chance to lease Teela for this mating.  Check out Sully, Ollie and Oscar on their pages.


Tseekaspirit Factor This (ai) x Arcticstarr Tanayia (ai)


After a five year wait for this combination of lines to happen, Tseekaspirit together with Idigadog are over the moon with the arrival of six eye-catching pups out of Jonty and Tanayia born on 11th December.  Drifter and Roary are two of the pups who have come to live at Idigadog.


Information You Need To Know

As dog owners and club members we have one thing in common with you: a love of the Siberian husky breed.  We love their challenging temperament, we love their spirit, we love their antics, we love their affectionate yet independent natures - and we love their beauty in all its amazing variety.  We also love sharing these things with other people but want every potential owner to know that owning a Siberian husky is more like having a child in the family than a dog.  To make sure you are ready to invite a husky into your home you will need:

  • Six foot fences around your entire yard with proper latching gates.  Huskies can dig, chew, squeeze and climb their way out of even apparently secure yards, and have been known to learn to operate simple gate locks (we have had first hand experience with this!)

  • Time during the day and especially the morning and evening to walk, play with and be a close companion to your husky.  They are not a set-and-forget breed and need to be included in all the variety of your family's daily life, every single day.  A family's lack of time is the number one reason most huskies end up in rescue.

  • A commitment to training to bring out the best in your husky, and manage their intelligence, exuberance, assertiveness and even affection using motivational training techniques. Lack of basic discipline is the number two reason most huskies end up in rescue.

  • A lifetime commitment to your new dog.  Any husky can be a challenge to own but all of them give back the time and commitment you show them ten-fold in love, spirit and beauty.  Remember your new dog is for life not just for Christmas.

The following articles may be helpful in describing more about the Siberian husky breed:


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